The Infrastructure for
Decentralized Cooperation

A Social Operating System for Decentralized Organizations

Enabling massive open-source collaboration without central coordination


Facebook owned by its users,
decentralized transportation networks independent of Uber,
markets dominated by open-source communities where contributors are also shareholders, and where the value created is redistributed both fairly and transparently.

Imagine the innovative potential of such organisations decoupled from the rigidities of hierarchical structures.

For all of this and more…
Backfeed provides the infrastructure for decentralized cooperation.

The Infrastructure for
Decentralized Cooperation

Backfeed develops a distributed governance system for blockchain-based applications allowing for the collaborative creation and distribution of value in spontaneously emerging networks of peers.

The Backfeed protocol provides....

Dynamic Power Distribution

The Backfeed protocol implements a meritocratic governance system, dynamically adjusting the influence of peers in a decentralized network.

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Proof of Value (PoV)

Just as Bitcoin’s Proof of Work (PoW) algorithm rewards miners according to the amount of computational resources provided to the Bitcoin network, Backfeed’s PoV mechanism enables a decentralized network of peers to reach consensus about the perceived value of any contribution within the network, and reward it accordingly.

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Accommodating Diversity

The Backfeed protocol drives communities into consensus by empowering aligned individuals, and translates disagreement into a diversity of networks.

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Backfeed’s infrastructure comprises decentralized management tools, equity-sharing schemes, crowdsourcing mechanisms, and instruments for the collaborative evaluation and curation of content.

The Backfeed protocol can fuel a variety of ventures, including decentralized journalism, insurance, ride-sharing applications and any other enterprise that would benefit from the decentralized, indirect coordination of large groups of individuals.

Our goal is to enable the bootstrapping of decentralized organizations on top of the blockchain as easily as one would deploy a website today.